This video tutorial is suitable for beginners and advanced users. Beginners can easily felt this pillow thanks to the detailed step-by-step videos. Advanced users will learn the dahlia technology and my know-how about this. You can use it not only in a pillow, but also in other felt objects such as lamps, bags, wall decorations, etc.
The video camera was positioned above, parallel to the worktable, which means that you see everything as if you were standing at the table and felting it yourself.

You’ll learn all about materials and color selection, what works best for the dahlia and why.

We create templates and reservation slides.

We will make a prefelt in case you don’t want to use ready-made prefelt.

I’ll show you how I work with viscose fibers: whether to change the color of the wool, to create marbling or to lay out a pattern.

I show how I work with a sander when felting and why. If you don’t know it yet, it will certainly be interesting to learn more about it.

(Working with a sander is an optional chapter. The pillow can of course also be felted without a sander.)

You will learn how such exact dahlia segments can be achieved and what needs to be done to get the perfect edges.

I share tips and tricks with you on how to visibly define the cut lines of the segments in the wet felt without having to mark them.

You can see all the stages of felting and the tools I use.

I explain how the finished pillow is ironed and why it is important to the finished result.

You will learn how to close the opening of the pillowcase so that the pillow appears seamless.

As a bonus you get an extra video about the Magnolia pillow, which is made using the same technology as the Dahlia pillow. You get the dimensions and templates and learn other nuances that are important for the magnolia.

The video tutorial takes 3.5 hours in total and is divided into 17 chapters and one bonus chapter. This way, you can always go to the chapter you are working on, without having to watch the whole video.

Order the video tutorial DAHLIA in my shop as a download.