Video Tutorial Dahlia – English

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Title: Video Tutorial Dahlia.
Language: English
Kapitel: 17 chapters + 1 bonus chapter, each chapter lasts between 6 – 20 minutes.
Duration: Total video duration of all chapters about 3.5 hours

This video tutorial is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
If you still need support, feel free to contact me via Instagram , Facebook or the contact form, and I will help you further.

Storage requirements:
The videos requires in total 11 GB of disk space.

For details about the product see the Video Tutorial Dahlia.
This is a video tutorial that demonstrates and explains in detail how to create a dahlia pillow. With the video tutorial, the customer is able to create such a pillow independently.

Beginners can easily felt this pillow thanks to the detailed step-by-step videos. Advanced users will learn the dahlia technique, which you can use not only in a pillow but also in other felt objects such as lamps, bags, wall decorations, etc.

The video camera was positioned above, parallel to the worktable, which means that you see everything as if you were standing at the table and felting it yourself.

The audio and the text have been translated from German into English and accompanied by music of the composer  Ronald Kah.


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Legal: Using the video or parts of it in your own seminars and tutorials, as well as passing on the video material to third parties or performing it, are not permitted without my prior approval. However, you are welcome to freely use the knowledge imparted for handicraft products you have created yourself and to sell them.